5 Reasons To Love Laminate Flooring

When choosing what type of flooring to go with, there are many factors to consider. Whether you’re looking for something affordable, quick and easy to install, or just want something that matches your style, laminate flooring may be the perfect choice for you.

Godfrey Hirst - Vue Laminate Flooring

Godfrey Hirst - Vue Laminate Flooring


5 Reasons You Should Choose Laminate Flooring

Low Cost

One of the best qualities of laminate flooring is that it’s one of the cheapest options on the market. It can give you the look and feel of timber flooring without the expensive price tag, which is a big money saver, especially for large areas. It’s also more durable than hardwood flooring, meaning you won’t have to worry about it wearing down in high traffic areas.

Easy Installation

One thing DIY enthusiasts will love about laminate flooring is the ease of installation. The simple tongue and groove system is so easy to master and quick to do that any home renovator could do it themselves. If you do go with professional installation you will be able to enjoy your new floor in no time thanks to how fast laminate flooring installation can be.

Versatile Look

While laminate flooring used to be considered a bit of an eyesore, it has certainly come a long way and is now considered the chameleon of flooring. The technology and design has improved so much that it can be difficult to tell the difference between timber floors and imitation timber laminate flooring. This allows you to choose whatever style flooring you desire at a fraction of the cost of timber floors.

Proline Floors - Grand Provincial Oak Laminate Flooring

Proline Floors - Grand Provincial Oak Laminate Flooring


Easy To Clean

If you have a family, dog, or are just prone to making a mess, you won’t have to worry about it with laminate flooring. They are incredibly easy to clean, with any messes or spills cleared up quickly with just a wipe. Keeping it clean is easy too. With just a quick sweep it’s spick and span in no time.

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Works With The Space

One of the best things about laminate flooring is that it’s flexible. It can be used in any room of the house for seamless flooring throughout your home. The fact that it’s durable while remaining flexible makes it’s resilient to cracking or buckling, no matter how the home settles underneath it.

If you’re looking for an affordable and flexible flooring option that also looks great, consider laminate flooring for your next renovation. Find out more about the different types of flooring through our blog.