Hybrid Flooring with Trigon® Core Technology


The latest Godfrey Hirst hybrid flooring range available at Kawana Flooring Warehouse

Hybrid flooring can withstand the harshest of Australia’s heat, cold and water, making it ideal for use right across the country. With Trigon® core technology, Godfrey Hirst hybrid floors display astonishing stability in the most extreme climates, handling rapid temperature changes with minimal expansion and contraction. Withstanding the heaviest foot traffic at home or in commercial areas, Godfrey Hirst hybrid floors are waterproof ˆ, and can be wet mopped and installed in wet areas for a seamless look throughout your interior.

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The New Apollo Range

Godfrey Hirst’s new Apollo range captures the natural beauty of timber with the best attributes of a laminate and vinyl flooring.

This innovative hybrid floor delivers astonishing durability and impact resistance. With Trigon® core technology and a scratch resistance surface this beautiful and durable floor is able to withstand heavy foot traffic in all areas of the home and remains exceptionally stable even under extreme temperature fluctuations.

And, this range is now available at Kawana Flooring Warehouse, along with the Aurora range.

Features & Benefits

Godfrey Hirst hybrid floors are available in a unique range of profiles, surfaces and finishes. Look for these features on product samples:

  • Micro Bevel Edges - Create a small V-shape between each board for an authentic look

  • Trigon® Core - Limestone composite core board with up to 80% limestone and 20% vinyl powder. Resulting in a stable core that has minimal expansion and contraction

  • Matte Finish - Boards with a matte finish accentuates the natural look and feel of timber

  • Embossed - Textured embossing on the surface for an authentic timber woodgrain look

  • Waterproof - Waterproof product that can be used throughout your home, including wet areas, for a seamless look. (Subject to proper installation and maintenance)